We made it to the end of 8th grade. This was a very short year but an awesome year in my opinion and so many things happened. In language arts, we did a Future Me email from January 7 and wrote goals to ourselves.I wrote a goal that was, I was going to do a sport. More specifically soccer. I don’t know what I was thinking at that time, but apparently I wanted to do that.And I did not meet that goal, and when I read the email, I was thinking that would never happen now because of me going into marching band.

We made an infographic on this whole year from 8th grade. I love the goals that I set for myself and I put the standards high enough to meet them. Like for one example, I set one of my goals of reaching over 1000 lexile and got over that. I was able to reach over 1100 because I wanted to see myself succeed.

The advice I would give to 8th grade is that, don’t waste your time like I did a couple times. Do your work on time, especially with the blogs and writing them. Don’t waste time on doing the projects at last minute because it will effect your grade A LOT! But don’t rush your projects or blog posts, because it will end up really badly, and you will get a bad grade. And always listen to the teacher and you can get along with him or her. If you think something isn’t enough, maybe add a little more.

Charity:The Edible Schoolyard Project

The Edible Schoolyard projects helps many kids around the world find access to healthy eating for lunches. They helped almost 5,000 schools in America alone, but they have many more around the world. They also want to make the learning in the actual schoolyard fun and easy for the kids of all grades to learn.

The founder, Alice Waters, founded this project in 1995 in Berkley, California. The charity is still going 20 years strong. Her idea/ main thought is that every kid deserves a chance to have a healthy lunch and have fun at school. She also had an idea while thinking she wanted to have learning fun.Their next ongoing project is just to do the same thing that they are doing right now. They want to be able to have more schools have the change to have this experience and hopefully have school learning be fun for them.

You can help them by donating money to their website. Or if you can’t do that, they are always looking for volunteers for help changing the schoolyard and many more helpers along the way.You can donate from $25 to $1000 or as much as you want. And you can go to The Edible Schoolyard website to do so.


In my language art class we just started to read the Refugee by Alan Gratz and in the book there are three stories and each one takes place in different time periods and each one is the different place. For example one story is Josef and it about a boy and his family escaping Hitler in the 1930s during WWII / the holocaust and they were on the run for a very long time.  In the family you have Josef, Ruthie, Mama, and Dad we really only know the name of the dad his name was Aaron Landau. When the story starts Josefs dad had to be sent to a camp because his disobeyed the Nazis order and so he got sent away and the Nazis told him when he comes back they are to leave in 14 days or 2 weeks.

Josefs story i relate to a lot because my grandmother was born in Germany and he was born during the holocaust and her and her family had to flee and leave everything behind. My great-grandmother had a business in germany that she loved. She had a bakery business and she hated to leave that behind because she loved that business behind and everything that they owned.And when they had to flee my grandmother was only 2 years old and she had to leave her home country and leave for most of her life. And when we ask about stories her mother always told her she was too little to remember but she remembered everyone rushing to get to America and or to safety in another country.

Christmas Time!

Have you ever wondered why we have Christmas trees and ornaments ? Why we decorate with lights ? Why do we have ugly Christmas sweaters ? Christmas trees and everything Christmas have been around for many years. I’ve always wondered why we have theses things.Like why do we decorate for the holidays. Why do we celebrate at all?

Why do we have Christmas trees and ornaments? According to Whychristmas.com that it was possible that the wooden pyramid trees were meant to be like Paradise trees. These were used in Medieval German mystery or Miracle Plays that were acted out in front of churches on Christmas eves.The history of Christmas trees and basically the whole thing of Christmas changed a lot over time . Why do we decorate with lights you may ask?Well in 1885, a hospital in Chicago burned down because when they were decorating for Christmas they didn’t have lights so they used candles instead.And then later in the 1900s they figured out about string lights and saved people from have candles on the trees.

Why do we have ugly Christmas sweaters?In the book “ugly christmas party book:The definitive guide to getting your ugly on” by Adam Paulson, Brian Miller, and Kevin Wool, they figured the ugly christmas sweaters started in 2001 and the tradition made it self aware of it’s place





Do long-distance relationships work?

Do long-distance relationships really work?Well I think that the do, but not all work. It all depends on how you stay in touch and keep the relationship like. some couples like the long distance think because they can keep in touch all the time. Some hate that they have to be apart and they can’t talk that much because they are busy.Some people may think that the relationships may not work because maybe one they didn’t try it. Or two they have and at the end they had to break up because it didn’t work out.

But there are ways to help if you ever have a long distance relationship like taking some time to yourself. It’s the most accurate thing to do because you can focus on yourself and grow as a person. Keep yourself busy is all that your mind is thing, because if your thinking about your relationship it will make it more difficult for someone to get over it. And by doing that when your boyfriend/girlfriend comes back home you can have something to say instead of “Oh I did blah blah blah” and make it a complete lie that you did it. Don’t lie to yourself, you only thought about your partner the time that he/she was gone. Another way is to talk to each other when you can. Talk about how you are both feeling and make sure you guys are on the same page. Don’t text it is not the same conversation as calling. Usually emoji don’t usually mean the same thing when calling.





resources : https://www.businessinsider.com/make-a-long-distance-relationship-work-2018-3#-5

Red Ribbon Week

At our school we have a week called Red Ribbon Week. Each year is always something different. Like this year we had a speaker come in and explain how he got addicted to drugs and how he’s recovering from it. We always have a little pledge that your parents have to sign and we get a treat for it and this year we had Root Beer floats. And we the health class makes the posters that we decorate the cafeteria with. And we would have themes to go with it like jersey day. The moto would be “Team up against drugs” and we would have many more themes for the five days of school.We would have stories from people at the highschool tell their stories. At our school red ribbon always tries to lie on the second to last week of October.

It’s always good to tell kids at a young age to not to do drugs will have a bigger percentage of not doing drugs when they are older.When you tell kids at a younger age it will most likely get the effects of it in their mind.It will be better if you do it young because as a teen they will get pressured into it and they might do it but if they are told at a young age the could be more likely to not do it. And that’s  because they know the effect on it because of the school and their parents. And that’s probably the same case with the alcohol and the peer pressure.

Goals in life

I’ve want to set goals in life to where I can still reach them but have them sit kinds high.The first goal that I set for myself was moving to Switzerland and have a really good job there in business.And I realized than i need very good grades for that and basically have to like math and i have to be very successful in life in general.My second goal I want to achieve is coaching pro-girls soccer. Thats because I really enjoy watching the women’s U.S national soccer team. The jobs sounds really fun because you get to hang out with lots of people and travel around the world. While your traveling you get to see lots of different people and different food. But one thing is that i’m not very sure about is making the plays and things like than because I feel like I would mess that up.

My third goal is photography, I want to become a photographer full-time if the other goal doesn’t work out.I want to become a professional photographer because it looks very easy to do, you get to travel, see different cultures, food. Or I could be like a wedding photographer and take pictures of weddings if I wanted to. My fourth goal is to draw for companies and big production people. I feel like if I keep practicing and keep drawing and study basic anatomy,I think that I could become a very good drawer. That’s the goal I would go to if i can’t find another job.

An island adventure


One morning I woke up ready for an adventure and was bringing my friends along with me. So the plan is to go to one of the islands in Hawaii but we are going to the third smallest island. So first is was going to pick up my friend Liz. “Ready for the adventure of your life?” I said excitedly.”Im so ready.So who are we going to pick up next?”I was thinking to myself maybe Emma or Alice Lily.”I’ll go pick up Emma”I said looking at the road. “OK”said Liz. So we drove to the country side of town to pick her up.I didn’t see Emma outside so I went and knocked on the door.And she opened the door. “Ready for the 3 week adventure Emma?”I said happily.”As ready as I can be.”Emma Said.”Ok guys we need to hurry and go pick up lily and alice so we can go to the airport on time so we don’t miss your flight and boat to the island.”I said frantically.

So we made our way to Lily’s house and then Alice’s house and they both said they were excited. And that’s what I wanted to hear because this is like a once and a life trip.”Ok,guys get your stuff out of the trunk and follow me into the airport.Ok let’s get through security and then get snacks for the flight.”So we had like 30 or so minutes till our flight boarded and so we are waiting their with our snacks and sitting by the gate we needed to enter. 30 minutes pass and we board the plane.”I’m so excited”Liz said.”I know right” we all said at the same time. We all laugh at the same time. 5 hours later… “This is your captain speaking we have arrived in Hilo one of the island of Hawaii.Enjoy your stay here.We will be landing there in 10 minutes so enjoy the view of the clouds below.”

We all went to our rooms and we seen your rooms and I stopped and “OH…MY…GOD is so beautiful.” I said. I ran to the balcony and looked at the view but we had to go shopping. So I texted the girls and told them to meet my at the rental car. “WOHHHH the car is so cool “ the girls said. I got a red tesla model S. “ Come on guys we need to go get food and then we can do whatever we want after words. So after we came back from the store we put the food away we went to a boat ride to one of the small islands.

On the boat,”WOh look at the fish and look in the distance there’s dolphins” Alice said. We all admired the view and took it in because this was a once in a lifetime chance to have this view. But one thing the group doesn’t know is that we get to go scuba diving with the fish and sharks.”hey guys I have a surprise for all you. And you can’t say no.”I said holding my excitement in.” What is It?” Emma asked. “Well don’t freak out on me especially Emma. We all are going scuba diving and swimming with sharks.”I said. Everyone’s face lit up with excitement except for Emma.”Well suit up guys because we are doing it right now!” I said. “ WAIT WHAT?” Alice said.”It will be fun trust me!”We can’t trust you! When we trust you, you do something evil!”Lily said scaredly. “Ok I won’t”I said with a sad face.”That was literally the only reason i wanted to come on this trip.I guess we can go home. Let’s just go home.”I said sadly. “We are sorry but we are afraid.But let’s just go home.”And after that we just went home.



A book that i’ve read this year was Divergent by Veronica Roth.  Tris Prior or just Tris is one of the main characters in the book. Tris was very scared when it was coming down to choosing her faction. But she was very brave and chose dauntless. But before that they had to take a test to see what faction she would join but when she took the test she had all of the factions 100% and that’s why she is called divergent. Back to where I was, so she had to choose one of them because of course you can’t choose them all.

But when they left the place o get to the place that they were staying u had to jump on a train and then when you get the the place you have to jump onto a rooftop and land. But you can’t be a chicken about it and you just have to jump. And her first couple weeks she was terrified and even more shy and in the faction you have to train. And the have rankings and if you are below a the red line you will be kicked from the faction and then go with the factionless.

The first day of raining she was trying so hard but was unsuccessful and was under the red line. But that didn’t stop her from trying she was trying everyday and all night. And that lead her to work harder than ever because she doesn’t want to end up faction less and doesn’t want to be a disgrace to her family.And that’s where I will leave you to read the full book.

The truth behind disney movies

   I was reading this article called ” The REAL stories behind these disney movies will ruin your childhood ” by Zoe Triska, she was explaining the true stories behind the disney movies. Just a side note, the stories on there kind grusom so just a fair warning if your scared easily DO NOT READ THE ARTICLE! Ok, so I had an assignment  to choose a story from there and I decide to do sleepy beauty or Arora. And you all hopefully watched the movie if not this is kinda like a spoiler for it kinda. So sleeping beauty or Arora was taken from her family because of a curse that was set on her to die on her 16th birthday. So she has fairy godmothers that helped her and put her to sleep and she could only be woken by a true love’s kiss. Basically Arora was raised by faires most of her life. But after all that happens she is met by a spinning wheel that she pricked by and then feel asleep. But a prince comes by and goes and sees her asleep and tries to wake her. But he fails and decided to kiss her and it’s “true loves kiss”. And she ends up waking up and they both get married and live happily ever after.

  But that kind of thing isn’t the real story. So sit down relax and enjoy the true story behind Sleeping Beauty. So that is the disney version the disney version is a whole other story. When the king is walking by the castle is knocked on the door and no one answered. The king decided to climb the wall of the castle and he saw her lying there. He tried to wake her up but that didn’t work. And he realized that she was unconscious and would not be able to wake her up. So he decided this was the perfect idea…get ready of this…he decide to get her pregnant and after that he left her. And he went back to the castle. And guess what, the queen found out about it and found out Arora is having twins. She she wanted to kill, cook, and feed the babies to the king. But she was unsuccessful and Arora and the prince got married and lived happily ever after with her kids and him.